Disenchantment on Netflix

I couldn’t find a thread on here, so I’m starting one about Netflix’s Disenchanted by The Simpson’s and Futurama creators Matt Groening.

I’m a little over halfway through now, and I’ll say that mostly I’m enjoying it. It’s fun, and easy watching, but I do have my gripes. 

It would be impossible to talk about Disenchantment without referencing Futurama and The Simpson’s, so I’ll get those out of the way. The first episodes of all Groening projects to me are clunky, and this is no exception. It clumsily introduces you to the world and it’s characters, but by episode 3 I felt comfortable and had settled in. 

So far the characters haven’t found the magic of The Simpson’s, and for me especially, Futurama, but it’s so early on, I’m still hopeful they will grab me the same way that characters like Fry, Leela, and Zoidberg do. 

The change from network television to Netflix seems to have had an effect on Groening Cartoon quality. The show looks pretty good, but the sound design to me really sticks out as a lesser product than the other shows. It almost sounds unfinished. 

The comedy of the show is pretty hit or miss so far. The “lazy naming convention” of the characters is a bad recurring joke that never works (well... maybe once or twice) with character names like “Elfo” the Elf, and “Luci” the demon. The absurdity is strong with this show, and that is where the comedy shines. 

It’s world is pretty fun, and as a D&D player, and general fantasy nerd, it scratches an itch for a serialized comedy in a fantasy world that is pretty well done, despite my criticism. 

That’s about all I can think of at the moment. How has Disenchantment landed with you folks? 


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