Jumping ship from iPhone to android

I’ve had an iPhone since the 3G debuted. I’ve grown a little wary of how Apple does things, especially since I started doing phone repairs a year ago. I’m finally making the android plunge. I have preordered a Pixel 3 XL that should be here in a week or so. I have never owned an android, and I need some recommendations from all you android trailblazers. 

Most importantly, what is the preferred podcast app?

Next up, what are some other apps you use regularly?  What can I not live without?


  • GrahamGraham Grand Rapids, MI
    Bumping this thread because I'm also looking to switch from iPhone 6 to a Pixel. Just waiting for more of those green paper rectangles.
  • I like Beyondpod on Android. There are a couple threads on here where people have recommended alternatives also.

    Just make sure all your stuff (contacts, calendar, photos, etc) are synced up with your Google account before making the switch and it should be a pretty smooth transition.
  • Ugh, after all the data mining stuff practices are coming to light, even though I have serious quibbles with Apple’s hardware decisions, I’m thinking more about how to get Google out of my life rather than givin them another way to track me. 
  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    edited October 2018
    Oh man... I know three people who are diehard Apple users since the get-go, and all three regret their decisions. Best of luck to you!  I can’t imagine ever switching. Apple for life!
  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    When I got a Pixel, they had instructions where I just physically connected it to my iPhone and it synced stuff over. 
  • I love podcast addict.

    While I jokingly say I support google's bid for world domination and not apple's, ultimately I think they are all out to screw us so it doesn't really matter from a privacy perspective. Sigh. 
  • edited October 2018
    I've used pocketcasts for years. It's got a good web interface, syncs up everything. Very good

    Google has a podcasts app just released a few months ago. It seems fine, and can play through the assistant on Google home devices, but for some infuriating reason, it doesn't have a web interface.

    I don't understand why Google can't get podcasts done right.
  • Also, I'd suggest really taking advantage of the assistant. It's heads and shoulders over Siri

  • I don't understand why Google can't get podcasts done right.
    Right now Apple can’t even get podcasts right. 2 updates ago I had to switch to Overcast. 

    All that being said, good luck making the switch. I’ve been an IPhone user since the 3G too, and I’m too chicken to change operating systems up like that. 
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