Prediction for Kim

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I have a strong feeling that Kim ends up in prison after taking a scam with Saul too far.  Has that theory been thrown around here yet?  They’ve been setting this up by having her cross the line a little bit further with each occurrence.

This would push Saul even further over the edge if he feels responsible, turning into full on Saul.
Prison would fit into the karma theme, without going too far.
It would explain Kim’s whereabouts during the BB years.

I could see her going back to Nebraska after getting out on good behavior and meeting up with Gene.  Maybe her judge buddy helps her out with a light sentence.   After getting disbarred it would make only sense for her to go home.

Solid theory or fan fiction?  Apologies if this has been discussed already.  I don’t think a breakup or a death would be a solid end to her story.



  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    Welcome to the forum. It is as solid a theory as any other. We are actually running into a situation that Sopranos ran into in its final stretch. People predicted the main character would either be killed, be imprisoned, his family would be killed, or life would keep on going. You get to a point in a show where there are only so many options of what could really happen to Kim and her taking the fall for Jimmy would certainly up the guilt factor for Jimmy. Though it is hard to imagine him not bending over backward to help her considering the lengths he went to help Huell. Though he can only do so much. It is a horrific thought though, to think of Kim in that situation. 
  • Welcome! Like I said in the last episode thread I don’t think she dies before the Gene timeline. The Omaha connection is going to serve a purpose and I’m sure we will see Kim and Gene next season. 
  • Sorry - those are my Internet points - posted in 408.

    'Could BCS end with a flash forward of Elwood - Gene, picking up 'Joliet' Jake - Kim after a stint in federal prison, stemming from this scheme.'
  • I think Kim being disbarred for something Jimmy related would be enough. 
  • Natter CastNatter Cast San Francisco, CA
    Some Kim ideas:

    1) Kim represents Marie Schrader on a petty shoplifting charge

    2) Kim ends up in hot water over the letter scam and/or the planning commission scam. The conflict: she's over Jimmy, but now she needs Saul

    3) Kim tragically contracts mesothelioma

  • I think Kim will become an enemy of Saul, and have him in a position where she could expose him. She will "out-con" him, but she will let him go. And in the end Kim will save Saul from Lalo somehow, before severing ties with him for good.
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    Damn. I like this a lot.
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