This Is Us- Season 3



  • @dochielomn - According to my wife, it was the season finale. Agree that Kate might be dead, as I didn't think it would make sense for Toby to come if they were emotionally separated.

    @Michelle - I swear the voice of Kevin's kid was the same voice that played "young Kevin." I wonder if they just used the same actor. Good connecting of dots with the crash, the writing everything down, and the memory thing. I am assuming Kevin and Sophie got together. 

    My thought for the event was a gender reveal, but I didn't fit in the "Pin the Tail" thing. So maybe it is a bday party, but it would have to be a significant one. 
  • MichelleMichelle California
    @rkcrawf maybe it's Rebecca's birthday?  Or the 'big 3' birthday (minus Kate)?  Ah, I can't wait until September!
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