The Deuce - 207 - The Feminism Part

A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
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Director: Tricia Brock
Writer: Will Ralston


  • russkellyrusskelly Indianapolis
    I spy a Bells Two Hearted tap handle. When did Bell's come out? I thought Bell's started in 1985...
  • AaronAaron Newton, MA
    So what’s worse than a mobster investing in your movie? Two mobsters investing your movie, who are about to go to war...
  • I don't get the whole Vince-Abby thing; it's stretching my belief that they've stayed together this long. Laziness? Convenience because she's managing the bar well? At this point it seems they barely know each other. The relationship seems like it's hanging by a thread; but the more Vince gives Abby reason to dump him, the more it seems he needs her. It struck me that until Vince was up in Vermont I had no idea what season it was.

    I really want Larry to go whole hog with the acting! Maybe I just want more Larry. Maybe he'll hand his "stable" (ugh) to Darlene or partner up with her. She's gotten more and more ballsy, I can almost see it.

    No news whether Eileen is aware of where Frankie's money came from....that's making me really anxious.
  • My jaw aches just thinking about eating an entire extra well done 2-person porterhouse. And you know CC finished the whole thing out of pride.
  • Teresa from ConcordTeresa from Concord Concord, California
    I believe there's only one more episode this season, and yet a ton of storylines to wrap up. Below are some of what should be addressed and (my opinion) how:

    CC - a hateful, cocky pimp that needs his comeuppance. And it's time for Lori to "remove" him from the equation. But will she have the balls to do this? Or perhaps CC will take his hatred of Dorothy and Dave too far, off one (or maybe Dave and Abby mid-fucking which solves my point below), and go to prison. Bye bye CC.

    Vincent and Abby have zero chemistry on-screen and make zero sense. Abby needs to move on to her next privileged adventure and leave the show. And speaking of Vincent, maybe twinsie Frankie was the target?

    And speaking of Frankie, he needs his comeuppance as well, but not something that will remove him from the show because I need the love/hate relationship he and I have. He totally fucked Candy, and I hope to see her come out of this ok and Frankie take the fall with the mob. Broken legs perhaps?

    There are other storylines, like Bobby's a dick and hope he loses everything. And I feel in my bones someone major's gonna die. Do you guys agree, who do you think it is? Are you willing to bet internet points?
  • That podcast was hilarious, just saying.
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