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I finished Season 3! The only time I stopped watching was when I had to go to work. It's great.

I'm still holding out hope that maybe Jim checks it out and the quality of those early episodes gives it the final push to get the Season 3 podcast made. But if not, I need to talk about it somewhere, so why not here!

First a non-spoiler review. Season 3 is the real sequel to the first season that we were all hoping for. Unburdened by the Hand and needing to set up Defenders, Season 3 follows up on the characters, both heroes and villains from the first season, in very meaningful and surprising ways. All the supporting cast are used to great effect, new characters are all given their time to shine and developed quite well, and the action and choreography are still top notch. If you liked Season 1, this is a must watch season. Plus Vincent D'Onofrio is probably the single best villain and most perfectly cast actor of all Marvel TV and movies and is used to great effect.

One last non-spoiler thing to leave you with. A variant cover for the comics published last year. Spoiler talk begins starting with the next post.



  • AnominalAnominal San Francisco Bay Area
    I *LOVED* this season. I'm going to have to go back and rewatch Season 1 to see which I enjoy more.

    Daredevil, Karen, Foggy, were all great. I like Foggy the least, but I've always felt that way. What they did with him though was pretty compelling. The dynamic between the three of them is fantastic and I'm hoping we get a season 4 to get to see more of it.

    Fisk is so compelling. I'm always a sucker for smart villain being confined to a small space, yet still outsmarting the heroes, and this was masterfully done. My only gripe with Fisk's story arc is that I wish we could have seen more of All In Vanessa, instead of her just finally being brought in for the final couple episodes. A little more build up before the wedding. A little more of her giving orders, and showing how much of an equal she could be to Fisk and how formidable they might be together. I wish this was a sixteen episode season at least.

    I knew they were going to use Bullseye, but wow, I was not expecting that. But I guess I should have considering what a great job they did with developing Fisk in Season 1. They never explain how good he is with his accuracy and how he turns everything into a weapon, but it didn't feel like it was needed. And that full on fight at the Bulletin was pretty amazing.

    And speaking of amazing. That prison break out!! How great was that one shot! I laughed a little bit when they had him set up in the corner of a hallway, like they were hinting it was The Hallway 2. They've tried doing a lot of "hallway" scenes in the other shows. This is the only one that meets and exceeds the first.

    Speaking of the other shows, without spoiling anything, I feel like this did a much better job of tacking similar issues and mysteries that the shows attempted to tackle.

    Nadeem was great. It starts off small, and you hear about his money problems, but he seems nice enough. But then that isn't even what turns him! I was expecting his boss to be a traitor, but I thought she was handled well even in that first reveal. The expression on her face already made it quite clear she was doing it because she felt she had to, not because she wanted to. And then they had the full reveal of just how many FBI agents were Fisk's, and I laughed.

    What I didn't see coming, but maybe should have, was Daredevil's mom. I don't have too much to say, I think her whole character was handled well.

    As for the priest, I was so afraid Karen was going to die because the episode was called Karen and started off with her backstory (Poor Karen), that I wasn't too shaken up when he died.

    Karen! Her confrontation with Fisk was great! Even if he won, her whole being a journalist really gave her so much agency as a character, I loved it.

    Foggy! His whole District Attorney run and just still being the voice of the law was also great. I think some of his passionate speeches didn't hit me 100%. Maybe more like 65-70%, but I got what they were trying to do, and in terms of plot, it all worked seemlessly.

    I don't know what else to say. That final stinger with Bullseye/Poindexter getting surgery and the close-up on his eye was weird. I guess he's going to be back for season 4? Mabye? I don't know what they would do with that. But I do hope Daredevil isn't also canceled after Iron Fist and Luke Cage, because I wanna see Nelson, Murdock, and Page!
  • I didn't care for DD season 1 and 2 for various reasons, but this season impressed me.  They turned down the gore and did a good job in a number of areas.  Fisk was shown to be a dangerous villain, Dex made a good secondary bad guy, there were a number of well-staged fights, some good twists, the pacing felt pretty good and in general the show felt more like a comic book brought to life than other Netflix/Marvel productions.

    On the bad side, the whole Fisk/Vanessa mess feels like a love story written by an 11-yo and I was ready for the season to end around episode 10.  Maybe they need to start having additional story arcs or crossovers or something if they have to stick to 13 episodes for syndication reasons.
  • I'm just 3 episodes in and I'm getting tired of Emo Daredevil. They really should have had him listening to The Smiths & The Cure under the church. At least he's wearing black. The nun should go out and get him some black eyeliner.
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    You probably won't enjoy large swathes of the comic book then.  That was one of his major tropes.  

    CapeGabe said:
    I'm just 3 episodes in and I'm getting tired of Emo Daredevil. They really should have had him listening to The Smiths & The Cure under the church. At least he's wearing black. The nun should go out and get him some black eyeliner.

  • I finished.  Was really good, though I think the finale falls apart a little when you think about it too much.

    Like Wilson Fisk being Wilson Fisk, Ray Nadeem committing suicide by Bullseye while sending a dead man's testimony implicating Fisk via video should really guarantee the death of his family, not save them.  Gotta teach other mooks a lesson.
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