Gofundme for my Cousin's daughter

Hey everyone 
Im posting a Gofundme page for my Cousin’s Daughter Paloma. She has a rare genetic condition called Pallister Killian syndrome. The gofundme page has a description of the condition but suffice it to say, the last 10 months have been emotionally draining for my cousin Alan and his wife Lisa since Paloma’s birth. I’ve been a part of the BM community going on 4 years now and I wanted to introduce Paloma’s story to this wonderful community in the hopes you could help out in their time of need. Big thanks to Jim and Aron for allowing me to Post Paloma’s gofundme on the forums and to the community as a whole. Give what you can, anything would be incredibly helpful. I’ll post updates on Paloma’s health as Soon as I hear. Thanks everyone.


  • Happy to help— isn’t a lot, but every bit counts! Hope your family raises all of it and more— my family’s thoughts are with Paloma
  • All the best for their struggle and please update this thread for how she is doing. 
  • MichelleMichelle California
    I wish we had a 'Love' reaction option to your post.   I donated, unfortunately not as much as I'd have liked to right now but I hope it helps.  Lots of love to Paloma and your family.
  • Best wishes (and bumping this thread).
  • Thanks for posting this, i donated, sending good vibes to Paloma and her family.
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