If Game of Thrones characters were on Mad Men, who would they be?

Hitfix put out this article and I found it amusing (particularly the one with Joffrey). I also came up with three more. Can anyone else come up with more?


Here are mine:

Robert Baratheon = Don Draper
Sandor Clegane = Stan Rizzo
Walder Frey = Jim Cutler


  • dan2988dan2988 manchester uk
    Joffrey=Pete Campbell
  • Brienne = Dr. Faye Miller
  • Tyrion = Don Draper (think about it)
  • hypergenesbhypergenesb Atlanta
    edited April 2015
    Don Draper = the god of tits and wine.
  • Betty Draper = Cersei
  • Don Draper = the god of tits and wine.

    In Don's case, I guess he's the god of tits and Canadian whiskey. :)
  • Ramsey Snow = every horrible client they need to accommodate, in particular Lee Garner Jr (has impossible demands, emasculates Roger completely, ends up betraying the firm)

    Meredith=Hodor - not a lot going on upstairs but very loyal

  • aberry89aberry89 California
    Henry Crane -  Cersi.   Both think a lot more of themselves than they should.
  • broompersonbroomperson the Iron Islands
    Robert Baratheon is more like Freddy Rumsen.

    Don is Tyrion

    Cersei is Joan

    Roger is Jaime?
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