311 - One Day In The Life Of Anton Baklanov

Felt like this one was a come down after last week, or maybe it's just because I was tired.

Gabriel was a promising character at the start of the season, but I have to say his character has been kind of milquetoast lately. 

The intellectual side of me wants Paige to push back on them a bit too and challenge the true believer in Elizabeth. We may get that in bits and pieces next season though. That could come off as bad Sorkin-esque politics dialogue, or it could be a good wedge to drive between them and create some tension. Hard to imagine she just falls in line.


  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I zoned out a few times in this episode. I think they were just moving pieces around heading to the finale.

    Man, that moment when Nina said Anton's son's name though - awkward!
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    I found Paige's story compelling, the struggle to make sense of her life now, the way she doubts everything, how she tries to re-interpret puzzling events from the past. Elizabeth can finally be open about her own childhood, talk of her mother's illness, but Paige cannot trust anything her parents are saying or claiming to feel.

    The other storylines also revolve around issues of deception and trust. Martha's story reinforces the fact that Phillip is a professional liar, who now also coaches Martha to lie efficiently. The FBI investigator seems to have been persuaded of Martha's innocence, but there are still Stan's suspicions.

    Nina reveals to Anton that she's been spying on him for the authorities and pretends to be on his side, but is she sincere or only trying to gain his trust? We know Nina is a master manipulator and the ultimate survivor. Sometimes, revealing a partial truth is the best way to deceive someone.

    Regarding Gabriel, I still feel that the actor is projecting a certain undercurrent of menace. He might still have some cards up his sleeve that he's going to reveal in the final episodes. 


  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
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    Totally agree with Amelia but yes it was a bit if a comedown from last week's episode.

    Man that whole hotel manager and seduction/sex and post guilt sex with uninterested Phillip was so bizarre.

    I like that Paige is totally rebelling against her parents now. Fuck you attitude is believable.

    Can't wait to see Frank and Margo team up next week.
  • Elisa said:


    Man that whole hotel manager and seduction/sex and post guilt sex with uninterested Phillip was so bizarre.

    I thought Elizabeth was very tempted to go for a second round with the hotel guy, but decided to resist since it wasn't necessary for the mission. Then she went home and partly out of guilt, partly out of displaced desire, had sex with Phillip, who looked as happy as if he was attending a funeral.

  • MmmBopMmmBop United Kingdom
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    I loved this episode. A slow burn with a lot of information revealed. Nina was good as ever. Elizabeth showing lots more emotion to Paige. I like Phillip teaching Martha to lie.
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