Season 6

Has anyone here bothered to sit down and watch the final season? I just finished it and uh, I'm in awe of how bad it is. It threw logic and coherency out of the window to an even greater degree than last season did, and it ended with one of the most unsatisfying finales I can ever remember watching in a TV show. Robin Wright is a great actress, and she does everything in her power here to try and salvage the material, but she doesn't even come close. What a mess.

Curious if anyone else has watched and managed to find anything to enjoy in here.


  • I watched one episode and had seen enough, The show took such a drastic decline when  Beau Willimon left
  • MichelleMichelle California
    I watched the first episode as well and was not impressed.  I’m out on the rest.
  • I watched it all and was not satisfied. Some good performances, but so much of the plot was nonsense to me
  • I wanted to see it all the way through and I did. What a fucking mess. I didn't think they could save the show from what it had become, especially with Kevin Spacey out, but I didn't expect it to be this bad. You could never tell who's working with (or against) who and frankly half of the time I had no clue what or who the characters were even talking about. I'm glad it's over now.
  • AnominalAnominal San Francisco Bay Area
    I watched up to the title card because I didn't have time to pay attention. (And I just had to google if that major thread was wrapped up like that or if it'd be an ongoing mystery) I'm going to at least give it a few episodes despite the sentiment here, but at least my expectations are tempered. 
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