Bald Move Fans in South Carolina?

I know I've heard more than a few feedback emails from peeps in SC and I just saw that the North ATL Bald Move fans are having a meet up. Are there enough of us in the same area to do the same? Upstate here!


  • I live in North Carolina and would both like to meet other fans and would like to go to a convention like one of the Walking Dead or GOT related ones and meet Bald move “associates.” I’m interested!
  • calebthrowercalebthrower South Carolina
    I'm in Upstate (Spartanburg) SC as well. I would totally be down for a meet up
  • @calebthrower I'm in Grenville :) That's totally doable.

    @Shumate BS  - where in NC are you? I'm always down to check out a local con or two!
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