Wentworth. A women's prison show with grit.

ZesderZesder Tasmania
Just thought I'd give you all a heads up on a great TV show on Netflix about life in an Aussie women's prison called Wentworth. It's amazing and gives you everything that you wished OITNB would bring.
Here is a review from TV Guide.


  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I'm old enough to remember the original show this was based on (Prisoner) although I'm not old enough to have been allowed to stay up late enough to watch it during most of its original run - I caught up with it on reruns. I watched the first couple of episodes of Wentworth but the massive changes to the original characters put me off. I know it's just my own prejudice - intellectually I can see that Wentworth is a quality show and Prisoner in hindsight was cheesy as hell, but I can't help it. I just can't watch anymore of it. It does make me want to go back and watch Prisoner again though!
  • KitMaeKitMae Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
    Wentworth is a *Brilliant* series. I just can't say enough good things about it!
    As a child of the '80s, I was just a little young to watch the original "Prisoner" (late70s-mid80s). It was a groundbreaking feminist TV show that dealt with *so* many 'taboo' topics eg/ IV drugs; sex work; sexual assault & male aggressiveness towards women; murder (both in & out of the prison) - leading to many *huge* morality questions; disability; transgender issues; womens' sexuality - bi, straight and gay; lives of the guards & their complex relationships with the prisoners.
    And that's NOT THE HALF OF IT!
  • KitMaeKitMae Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
    Cont …
    When recovering from surgery a few yrs ago, I had the time to watch the *Entire Original Prisoner Series* . Some of the storylines get far-fetched towards the end, but overall, what the show did for women in Australian TV, was outstanding.
    So, on to "WENTWORTH" - it's Prisoner re-imagined for the 21stC; Feminist to the hilt; and on *Crack*.
    There are enough nods to the original series, lovely Easter Eggs for those playing along at home.
    Wentworth is it's own series. Feminist as ever, dealing with up to date issues, in turquoise hoodies. Remember that Queen Bea has your back (if you keep drugs out); But *Always* watch out for "The Freak".
    I can't recommend Wentworth highly enough. Please enjoy the ride.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Okay, people I know would not stop banging on about how much I would like this if I gave it a chance, so I watched all of S1 on the weekend (it was cold and I had nothing else to do). I have to admit, it's really good. I still find myself irrationally annoyed by some of my Prisoner nostalgia (pretty much no one on Wentworth smokes and it took 10 episodes before anyone mentioned lagging), but if I treat it as a completely separate show I can appreciate it more. It's kind of like a cross between Oz and Orange Is The New Black.

    Shows that have a mostly female cast tend to be under-rated and dismissed as "women's shows" (and why that is seen is something less than is a rant for another day). It's good to see that Wentworth seems to get a bit of attention from both critics and viewers.
  • KitMaeKitMae Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
    I'm so glad you did watch it, Dee. Season 2 is even better and as Season 3 is just starting, I'm *touching cloth*! I almost want to call it early, as The. Best. Season. Yet!
    And you're so right to say, to take Prisoner and WENTWORTH as totally separate pieces. For many reasons- most of which will become apparent on watching through the seasons. If not for production value, & social awareness alone.
    Thanks for letting me know you watched it. I hope more ppl come to love it.
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