906 - Who Are You Now? (Hater Edition)



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    Oh man. I thought the emotional Rick stuff would be much more fitting if we knew he was actually dead.

    I was on board with most of the episode up until the point where they forgot to tie up their horses AND the horses seemingly ran off because Eugene dropped his backpack. You'd think these animals would be a little more used to zombie herds by now huh? I hope that was one of the same horses personally responsible for rebar'ing Rick.
  • The execution is better than it has been, but the actual plot and strategy is still odd.

    Are they going to get rid of Maggie off-screen? Do they ever let old-man Negan out of that cell or are his limbs just atrophied by now to where he couldn’t even stand up? The horses. The fresh should-we-trust-strangers trope, at least they have a process, but what was the council’s vote after Michonne just walked out of it? Saviors are a known threat, but Carol and the boy go out in a wagon with no escort?

    I swear I saw a continuity error with Eugene’s silly braid: it wasn’t there in some scenes in Alexandria.

    Judith and Michonne are good. Has Daryl gone full feral wolverine where we’ll be back to the grunts and snarls?
  • Why didn't the council ask that new guy how he was able to run from zombies for 5 years and remain fat?
  • Look I'm old my hair is different!  Cheese. 

    Michonne's acting was off.  When she enters Alexandria to meet the new additions to the group her demeanor was way over the top in a B movie kind of way.  

    I predicted that they were getting rid of Corral because the actor couldn't carry the show and they wanted to reboot with a younger (than Corrrral) Judith.  I think that was the best way to go forward.  The actor who played Corrrrrrral didn't have the charisma and was too old to do the cutesy type stuff we're seeing with Judith.  For the show's faults this season is better than the show has been in a long time and I wish we had a GOT DAMN PODCAST!
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    "Hater Section"  LMAO.  The last episode I saw was the Rick "Death" so I'm pretty late catching up.  Right off the bat, I like Judith "Baby Ass Kicker " Grimes a whole lot more when she was a baby because shes annoying an the Hat ain't helping.  I'd say if they could've aged her a few more years it'd been ideal. 

    It's times like this where I wish the fellas would've hung in there because this might be hate watch gold.

    Edit.  Judith on the stairs with the gun the size of a Cadillac ready to become an 80s gun safety commercial
  • fidoz said:
    Why didn't the council ask that new guy how he was able to run from zombies for 5 years and remain fat?
    lol, seriously, the ZO should lean you out pretty hard over 2-4 years.
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