"Gods of Thrones" 3: Talking Catelyn

Anthony has chosen Catelyn Stark to focus on for this week's pod, who can be a polarizing character in the fandom. We'll be doing a deep dive on both TV!Cat and Book!Cat, as well as answering your questions and comments thus far. We record tomorrow morning, so there is still time to get in feedback. The podcast will release around noon this Thursday!


  • I have to say, the dick talk was choice. Was waiting to hear about Catelyns dick
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    Its supposed to be Chattin' Catelyn! 
  • Love...LOVE these talks!  I want 2 hours of “AnthRones” (Anthony - A. Ron - Thrones, too much?) deep diving Westeros from now through April...don’t care about your schedules, I’m making time to listen so you guys can make time to talk...
    Teresa from Concord
  • I actually had no idea A.Ron favored TVCat before now. Not a argument you hear every day. Then again, most of the GOT podcasts I listen to favor the books to some extent.
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