My Brilliant Friend

Anyone plan to watch the HBO limited miniseries My Brilliant Friend? Any chance the guys will cover it on BaldTV? The fact that it's in Italian and subtitled probably makes it less desirable to everyone.

I read the book a while ago because it takes place in the area my grandmother grew up and wanted to get a feeling of the life my mother might have had if my grandparents didn't emigrate to America. I enjoyed the book even though it could be bleak sometimes being immersed into a life of poverty where choices are few.


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    I probably will. Personally, I'm on a bit of a TV break after The Deuce, Sharp Objects, Barry, and West World. I'm slowly catching up with insecure right now and background watching, HGTV, but you say HBO and I am in.
  • I will probably watch and see how I like it. I read the books fairly recently and I liked them a lot. They had an unusual style. Seems like it would be hard to make such a cerebral book pop on the screen since a lot of the book is lenu’s feelings and inner dialogue. I heard a lot of it is actually in Neapolitan dialect so even Italians may need subtitles. 
  • Wow, I finally caught the first two episodes and I am really impressed. So far it is really faithful to the book.

    The child actors are great. They might be bad as far as I can tell but by my oh so limited Italian they seem great. It is funny how many words that my grandparents yelled at me I pick up.

    It is rough watching people living in that kind of poverty. Even though it is pretty close to the book my imagination apparently wasn't up to recreating how rough a way to grow up that was. It seems a lot more powerful on screen.

    The Italian school system was something special then, "You're ten, go get a job you bum. The family needs the income"

    I know I'm making this sound unwatchable but it is really well done. I look forward to the rest of the series.
  • I love it. I haven't read the books, but the series so far is a teensy bit reminiscent of my favorite Atwood book (I think her best), Cat's Eye. 
    If you want a deep-truth portrait of what women, from very young to older, can do to each other, can mean to each other, read that book. It seems like this series is going to the same places, so much respect. 
  • I agree - Very quality stuff so far. The child actresses nail it. Will be interesting to see how the older actresses take over the roles. I enjoy listening to the Italian. Having studied French and Spanish a bit it is fun to see how many words I can pick up that are similar. 
  • Now that the series is over I gotta bump this thread to encourage more people to watch it. I'll admit, I was kinda meh about the premise. Then I saw it mentioned here. Then I watched the trailer, and the one thing that sold me was Max Richter. I think it's hard to make a trailer for a show like this that would make people excited.
    I started watching out of a sort of nostalgia for The Leftovers, but I got so much more out of it. It swept me off my feet and put me in a mood that made me crave this show each week. It put me in that place which was so foreign and yet so familiar at the same time. The actors were fantastic without exception.It was all beautifully heartbreaking in many ways, but the ending especially. I am just longing for more. I will read the books in the off-season for sure.
  • I agree - It was a really well done show and I also recommend watching. I don't think it quite captured the same vibe as the books had, but it doesn't have to since it is its own thing.  
  • So well done, and I also looked forward to it each week.
    After, I watched the long extra, and wish that I hadn't...the way the extra was edited makes the girls seem like their roles are reversed in real life. 
  • Outstanding series. Also the companion piece, "My True Brilliant Friend" was sweet. Brilliant all around!
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