Creed II (Spoiler thread)

My apologies if there is already a thread for this, but I didn't see it...

I saw Creed II last night and it was even better than I expected. I thought it was cleverly well done and flawlessly executed.  I enjoyed the podcast as soon as I got home too.

A.ron mentioned he thought Rocky and Drago might go to blows for a second. Well, lookey here... around the 40 second mark... this must be a deleted scene.



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    It wasn't as good as Creed for me, but the first one hit all the notes perfectly for me that I had no realistic expectation Creed II could match it subjectively. That said, I still loved Creed II. So many things could've went wrong, and instead we got what I think is actually the best among the sequels of the Rocky/Creed franchise. I know Creed is a bit of a sequel itself, but I don't count it as such. 

    While the movie followed the Rocky formula hence making the story structure a little predictable, I actually thought the film did a good job taking slight turns within that formula to make the results of the events interesting. Yes, we all knew that Donnie wouldn't definitively win the first bout against Drago so early in the movie, but did any of us entertain the thought that Donnie would win that fight by DQ? Never thought that was a possible avenue. Sure, we knew Donnie would win the fight at the end but did any of us think the movie would have Drago lose by his father throwing in the title and not a knockout? I certainly didn't. It really could've been so much more perfunctory than it was.

    Look forward to a Creed III if/when it comes around.
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    I think I liked both equally. I may like Creed II a bit better because the Drago's are so much better opponents than Ricky Conlan was. I also really liked how we could actually be torn on who to root for in the end 
  • I liked Creed II a lot. As good as I, if not better. I have it somewhere around Balboa. 

    I was thinking toward the beginning that Adonis was a bit self-centered, and that the movie was a bit tone-deaf in terms of the women in the film. I was glad to see that was part of the setup for character development. 

    I also really loved what they did with Viktor (I thought he'd quit) and Ivan. Surpringly deep performance by Dolph. 

    Great addition to the franchise, esp. one that is 8 movies deep. 
  • Creed II really did not hook me - for a while.  The movie kind of felt a little slow at first - we all knew what was going to happen, but it felt really flat.  They missed a few huge opportunities to insert some incredible music into the fight scenes and they chose not to.  About halfway through, I was pretty convinced that Creed II was going to be a distant second to the excellent Creed - and then by the time at the end when the ref yells "What's your name?" and he responds "CREEEDDDDDDD!!!" I was uncontrollably crying along with every other man near me in the theater and had to take bit after the movie to calm down and wipe the tears off my face  before I could leave.  I'm curious to know what the female reaction to Creed II is - for me, Creed and Creed II are movies about fathers and sons. Creed, Drago, Balboa - it's the relationship between the generations and how the actions of the father can drive or destroy the motivations of the sons. As a father of 3 boys myself, I am always aware of the baggage my father gave me and how it impacts my relationships with my boys.

    Jim, you're insane -  of course there will be another Creed, and of course Rocky will be in it.  We're not going to let almost 10 Rocky movies go by without a fitting Rocky sendoff.

    Prediction:   Creed 3 is going to be about a deaf female boxer.... 
  • P.S. Brigitte Nielsen - yeeikes.  I think I just saw her in Suspiria in the coven lol.
  • @imadness my theatre was also very dusty, for the same reasons. 
  • imadness said:
    We're not going to let almost 10 Rocky movies go by without a fitting Rocky sendoff.
    100% agree... except we just got that sendoff in Creed II.
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    Doesn't sound like he's totally closed the door but more than likely this was it for Rocky
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