Narcos: Mexico

Has anyone seen this? I just finished today, and goddamn, it's better than a season 4 of any show has any right to be. Of course, it's not really a season 4, because it takes us away from Colombia and also throws us back in time - not sure of the exact date but I have a feeling it's around the same time as season 1?
Anyway, I freaking loved it. I'm kind of a sucker for shows about organized crime so I might be biased. It has really strong characters as always and you can't hate anyone - not even the bad guys. Also, the corruption of the Mexican government plus the American goverment's unwillingness to help was giving me Making A Murderer-levels of frustration. I knew far less about this going in than I did about Escobar, and it was a real test of self control for me not to google what was going to happen.
Not gonna go into any spoilers now but I'm willing if anyone wants to discuss! What did you guys think?

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