D&D Fundraiser Stream

Hey Bald Move peeps. My friends and I play D&D every Sunday, and this week we’re kicking it up a notch. We’ll be streaming our game for the first time, and we’re having a fundraiser for the victims of the California wildfire. 

People who donate 10$ or more will get to select a player and impose a natural 1 or 20 roll to the selected character, which I think is going to make the game get pretty silly. I believe this is where my group shines. 

This is mostly a small potato’s operation, but it’s something small we can do to help people, and I think it’s worth doing. 

We’ll be starting the stream at 2pm EST on Sunday November 25th, (sorry for the short notice) and it would be cool to see some Bald Move people pop by and say hello. 

You can find us on our wonderful hosts channel at https://m.twitch.tv/hanschun

Hope to see you there! 



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