908 - Evolution (Hater Edition) - Spoilers

Mid Season finale time, can they actually wrap this one up decently or will they find a way to fuck it all up in the end?


  • Ummm. Hello? An empty hater thread.
    I mean 162 views to 49? 19 comments to 0! 
    Maybe this is where the healing starts.
    First TWD.
    Next Brexit.
    Can Angela Kang fix Brexit?
    Kang will fix it for you, and you, and you, duh duh duh...

  • Might be time to just create a single thread agai . 
  • Not as much fun to hate on TWD when it’s not objectively terrible. 
  • I felt like it was a weak midsession finale but like you said there’s not much to actively hate on.
  • I want to see the Gimple Brexit.
    That one ends in the actual zombie apocalypse.

  • I thought the zombie pit of of teenaged angst was weak, but the rest of the episode was pretty good. They’ve done a good job introductions the whisperers. I’m worried about the escape because they’ll have to avoid another season or two of tedious Negan stuff. Kang has, however, earned the benefit of the doubt to the extend to which she has control over the narrative. Rick’s fakeout to be a basic cable movie star was obviously a Gimple call, and I worry about what kind of strategic changes/directions he will mandate in the future.
  • redlancer said:
    I want to see the Gimple Brexit.
    That one ends in the actual zombie apocalypse.

    Currently a large proportion of the UK and it's government would probably vote for actual zombie apocalypse over the current deal on the table.
    The kids zombie pit was meh, but previously we'd have spent the whole episode with the kids. 
    Basically the quality of the walking dead property is inversely proportional to the Gimple involvement.
    Thank God the comics are 100% gimple free!
  • AMC could always decide that TWD has become too decent a la Fear and replace Kang with Gimple again so the Hater Editions may see a resurgence come Season 10. 
  • I wish those kids were listening to Smells Like Teen Spirit that would have been hilarious.
  • Agree not so much to hate on, aside from Henry's plot turning into an episode of Degrassi.
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