Escape at dannemora

Anyone seen any of this new showtime miniseries? Just watched the first episode, very promising. Benicio del toro, Patricia arquette, Paul Dano. Directed by Ben stiller?!


  • I watch it. It's a really, really solid show with some fantastic acting (Patricia Arquette got nominated for a Golden Globe for it). Ben Stiller gave me a wtf moment also because this seems to be so far from what he usually does, but I think he's doing a great job with it.
    While I'm not sure how many people watch this, I think it's way underrated just because it's on in this tv dead zone where all the big shows are on hiatus so people just think there's nothing good on tv?
    The structure is also unusual, because it's a prison escape story but they tell you right at the beginning that yep, they will manage to escape, so the 'excitement' is kind of taken out of it, but at the same time isn't. I feel increasingly sorry for Tilly - that poor woman has no idea she's being manipulated, but is just so desperate to feel alive after having spent decades with her idiot of a husband. Patricia Arquette is doing an amazing job playing her.
  • Just noticed it was mentioned on the tail end of lunch last week. Glad Jim and a Ron are starting to sniff it out. Here’s hoping it makes the cut for a dive or two on a future show.
  • Credit to @pjfridays for originally pointing this one out  ;)
  • This is my favorite show of the year. Top notch acting with a real sense of place. "Real Crime Profile" has been doing a great podcast about both the real case and the show
  • It's really good.  I caught up the first four episodes in a row and would've binged the rest but I'm happy to wait.  The tone is strange, kind of Fargo-ish (the movie) without quite as much humor.
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