So, I was just about to resubscribe to HBO to my DISH account (getting ready for True Detective)  and noticed I already had it, for FREE! But, wasn't any channels. Turns out, way back in November, Dish removed HBO. I'm starting to panic. I can not do HBO now, or any other streaming platform as I have only cellular internet at my nome. Yea, it sucks. All of it! Anyone in central VA willing to let a guy come an watch TD3 and GoT this year until this gets resolved? 


  • Aren’t you able to subscribe to HBO Now separately without a service provider? I think it’s about $15 per month and you may even be able to get a free 30-day trial 
  • If I had internet, that would be the solution. But, as I said, I don’t have internet. 
  • Ah, I missed that. Time to get some internet!
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