Destiny - House of Wolves announcement
Watching the trailer, I had the unique experience of getting choked up, not at anything in particular, but in anticipation at how bonkers my son is going to go when he sees this.  Being a gaming dad is weird, sometimes.
Anyway, seems like we might not be getting a raid, but an "Arena" / horde mode.  I think that would be very cool. And I'm excited at the potential of the new armor and weapons from the Queen.  What does everybody else think?


  • I would be very surprised if this expansion doesn't include a raid.  People were upset enough about the lack of content in The Dark Below.  As cool as a horde mode would be, I would probably swear off the game for good without a new raid.
  • New member to bald move here!  ARon, thanks for all the great content you guys provide, I hope you guys keep it up for a long time.  It wasn't till I bought this premium access that I realized you were a big destiny fan, which is awesome. 

    Very shocked to hear that a raid won't be included, as I think most people were.  

    A few friends of mine think that they didn't include the raid, due to the general consensus that Crota was not long or compelling enough, and Bungie not wanting to repeat that same mistake. I hope that is the case, and they release a raid that is as well thought out and rich as Vault of Glass  A more cynical theory is that Activision saw an opportunity to stretch the experience out across more DLC expansions (ie more money).

    For now, I'm suspending judgment on HoW until they reveal exactly what the Arena mode includes, and other features that will be included. 

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