Clues in season 3. EP 1&2.

Hi folks. Season 3 resembles 1 in that the viewer is enticed to speculate about "whodunit". Two things of note. The supposed fingerprint some 10 years later of the girl. Fingerprints can be transferred by an expert. Nowhere was it asked what size fingerprint was found...a child's or an adults. Then the note had misspellings notably "shud". Perhaps in those parts education lacked but expect that clue will resurface. Some have said this season might tie back to S1 likely because of the straw dolls and hints of paedophilia. The timeline though does fit. That would be an interesting scenario.


  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
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    So after rewatch the biggest clues I got were these.

    1. The teenage kids lied. They clearly saw the kids and it wasn’t just passing them by. It was a look of some intent. Not to mention them playing the with bike. 

    2. The kids lied about the dog. The kid said they could come see the dog at his house. Not the park And the Purcell kids made it sound like they were saying they were specifically meeting the other kid where he clearly says it wasn’t planned. The kids lied about this. 

  • I did a frame-by-frame of the upcoming season shown at the end and now I hate myself. More clues than anybody needed!
    I wish they'd eliminate those preview trailers altogether, too tempting. 
    Yes, everyone lies. Except maybe Tom. 
  • Although they showed us the magazines right before, to make us associate the hole in the bedroom wall with sex, I'm pretty sure it will turn out not to be what it seemed. 
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