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Sorry, I don't quite remember but is True Detective it's own podcast or part of Bald Move TV podcast? Will the first one cover both episodes 1 & 2?


  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    Should be in its own feed. I was wondering the same thing though if they will do a super sized episode or two separate. Kinda mean for HBO to drop two in one night! Ha
  • I’m guessing they’re gonna cover it all in one episode. I would love two but one long one probably isn’t that much different in the end.
  • skelterskelter Louisville, KY
    edited January 2019
    Yep - I just found it by searching 'the world we deserve' in my podcast app. These HBO shows and their really long breaks...never can remember

    @MichaelG I agree now that I think about it, especially when you've watched both, no incentive to listen to one that only covers the first episode.

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  • Will this work as the feedback and question thread? This is my first time watching True Detectives and I love the little bits of info they show that dont add up yet. Bunch of stuff caught my eye. The gun in the nightstand? Was that the typical "once I cant keep up with reality I'm going to end it" or was it a "if they start asking the wrong questions, end it"? I'm sure it's too early to tell but for some reason I'm almost expecting Hayes to have the key piece of info and not be able to get it out of his head and we may be left to guess what happened. Exciting stuff none the less. 
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    @Travisshmavis Well, if you want to send in feedback to be considered you need to email the fellas at Truedetective@baldmove.com. But if you want to get into the real discussion, I would recommend either the thread about the first two episodes or there is a general one about clues that will probably run throughout the season.
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