Is there any way to watch this without the English dub? It’s not on Viki. 


  • Kate23 said:
    Is there any way to watch this without the English dub? It’s not on Viki. 
    Whattt? I thought we were getting subs 
  • gguenot said:
    Kate23 said:
    Is there any way to watch this without the English dub? It’s not on Viki. 
    Whattt? I thought we were getting subs 
    Yes we have English subs too, I’d just rather hear it in Korean...I have to have the subtitles  on anyway. 

  • Agree 100%
  • 3 episodes in. Well, it's better than The Walking Dead, but it's not a serious drama, it has that Korean mix of comedy and horror.
  • On Netflix it has the option for Korean language and English subs.

    I'm finding it OK but don't feel the need to binge.
  • I remembered the audio option by the 2nd episode lol. 
    But then you discover there's all this Korean narration going on that isn't subtitled. It didn't seem critical to understand the plot though.
    I liked it a lot, but then I really like Joseon period dramas (heroism, political intrigue, gentle humor), and I'm maybe not as jaded about zombies as I bailed on WD after 1 season. 
    Tension-building and will-they-make-it stuff was really well done. And I always like Doona Bae (Cloud Atlas, etc.). 

  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I've only seen the first episode, and I think it's pretty great. The visuals alone are amazing.
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    Watching Rockets now but we watched episode 1 today. After True Detective I’m fairly certain we’ll tuck into episode 2.  It’s fun. I’m already hooked.
  • Finished it.  I found the show kicked into gear in the third episode.  Overall I liked it.

    Inventive adaptation of zombies to not completely decimate people in that time period
    Smart choices for Bae Doona's character to allow her to have a good-sized role

    The conflict between classes/rich vs poor was laid on pretty thick.  It was that way in Train to Busan as well; don't know if Kingdom is deliberately echoing that or it's there for some other reason.

    When the zombies are not active, the show is slower-paced than is my preference
    Not a big fan of this kind of Korean humor; the kind in Lovely Rivals is more to my taste

    So s1 is the first 6 episodes.  How many episodes total do people think it will take to tell the full story?  12?  18?
  • I'm 4 episodes in.
    • I thought the first episode was good (basically, at this point, before the zombie outbreak, it's a normal costume drama).
    • I don't like the way Korean horror often tries to shoehorn every other genre into the story. The tone of this is all over the place. One moment we're supposed to be laughing at a nobleman, the next we're supposed to be afraid of the zombies, the next we're supposed to be sad about somebody dying, etc..
    • There is Walking Dead style ridiculous time-lapse stuff going on. It can literally go from being noon to night in seconds. LITERALLY. Stealth sundown when it's convenient for the plot.
    • Nice to see zom-children, something that essentially vanished from The Walking Dead after its first episode.
    • Not enough Bae so far.
  • Just finished this.  A couple minor quibbles aside, I thought it was awesome.  Can't wait to talk all about it on BMTV this week.
  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
    edited January 2019
    Definitely Glad to hear there will be a bald tv on this. It’s excellent work and just makes you think a Show like TWD probably has like 10x the Budget, maybe more. And produces shit compared to this. 

    the episode where they come for the crown prince and the little girl gets killed by the arrow and they fight their way out was spectacular. I though that was even more entertaining than the actual zombie stuff.

    i also love the GOT music themes they have throughout the episode. It’s hard to describe but you definitely get a very GOT vibe in certain scenes. 
  • Finished it. Oooh, plot twists!

    Not sure what the Queen's plan is. Stay in power by keeping zombie King around and giving birth to a fake son every 12 years for the rest of her life? That doesn't seem like it's sustainable. Obviously Mu-yeong's wife is going to give birth to the boy the Queen needs.

    Oops, Sangju has the Resurrection Plant, so Bae will use it to make some kind of zombosis vaccine, and/or they can use it to zombify the King's armies. Cho Hak-ju and the Queen are up against a zombie superweapon like Cersei is up against a dragon superweapon in Game of Thrones. Fail. The system of gates and walls is going to make it easy for the Crown Prince to ride the zombie wave to the Queen without zombosis spreading to the whole country.

    Bae has to end up marrying either Yeong-sin or annoying magistrate Cho Beom-pal. 99% probability that it's going to be revealed that Yeong-sin is a Jon Snow type nobleman (maybe Lord Ahn Hyeon's son?) who got sent to the Wall for some reason.
  • Hatorian said:

    i also love the GOT music themes they have throughout the episode. It’s hard to describe but you definitely get a very GOT vibe in certain scenes. 
    I agree, like in Ep 2 when the palace guards chasing the crown prince to the clinic split in 3.
  • The bone crunching sound the zombies make when reanimating is so unnerving, like celery stalks snapping. So much more horrifying than anything I saw on the walking dead.
     And there is a huge emphasis on the socioeconomic disparity, but I also think it's an honest depiction of how the rich and powerful fare in a crisis as opposed to the poor. A main source of the outbreak is caused by a well meaning man accidentally infecting a large group of poor people who he was trying to save from starvation. It also explores what lengths people who are in power will go to retain power, which is timely in the 2019 US political landscape. 
    I love this and can't wait to finish so I can listen to J&A's coverage. 
  • All the ChickensAll the Chickens Birmingham, AL
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    While watching there was one musical track that played at least 2 or 3 times that sounded like the same song as a popular Game of Thrones track, and not just a similar tone or beat.

    I looked everywhere for references to it, but googleing it was impossible because searching Kingdom and Game of Thrones together brings up mostly references to Netflix's popular medieval series The Last Kingdom that is often compared to GOT. I couldn't even find who composed or directed the music for Kingdom.

    Anyhow, I just went back and found where the song I was thinking of starts playing in Episode 2 at the 15:20 mark. Compare that to the "Coronation" track from Game of Thrones season 6 (linked below). Maybe they changed a few chords, but honestly it sounds the same enough to where I would think they had to pay or get permission from GOT and/or Ramin Djawadi.

  • Also, in the podcast I think kept hearing Jim refer to the Tywin character as the Queens father-in-law, but I don't think that's right. The Tywin character is the leader of the powerful Cho clan (the Lannisters) and he is the biological father of the Queen, and they are attempting to usurp the throne using their already established power. Also, if he was her F-i-L, that would make him the father of the King, which would make him the...well, the King.

    Perhaps I was misunderstanding Jim.
  • Pretty sure I was referring to him as father-in-law from the perspective of the prince.  If not, I misspoke because, yes, I'm aware he was the queen's father.
  • @All the Chickens Dude. See 2 comments above yours lol. 
  • If you enjoyed Kingdom, try Rampant.  Similar, but with a more HK wuxia tone.

  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
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    Hell to the yeah

  • I rewatched season 1 and enjoyed it immensely.  All my original complaints about season 1 seemed minor nitpicks this time around.
  • It's back! I clearly missed all of the promotional material, so it was quite a surprise to log into Netflix tonight and see it front and center. 

    Halfway through the season and... wow. A lot has happened in three episodes. Started getting a bit emotional at the end of the third episode. Nice to see they haven't missed a beat. 
  • lengmolengmo RTP, NC
    I enjoyed the second season and hope they can make a third.  Unfortunately the show is starting to include more stereotypical Korean melodrama, where an emotional scene that would be a few seconds in an HK action movie is painfully drawn out (IMO, of course).  There's more inventive zombie biology which lets a relatively low tech society have a chance against these ferocious, fast zombies. 
  • I've been listening to the guys' OTC coverage of the show and I have one possible correction for them. (SPOILERS for season 2 to follow)

    They keep mentioning that it's specifically "cold" water that drives the worms out of the zombies, but I got the impression that it's simply submergence of water of any kind. Sure, standing water outdoors in the approaching Korean winter would all be cold, but I'm not sure temperature is the reason the worms exit the bodies. The zombies were shown to avoid water as early as the season one finale, IIRC, so I don't think it's necessarily inconsistent that the worms would both shun heat and water if it isn't the temperature of the water that matters. 
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