I Am the Night

I just watched “I Am the Night” on TNT. It’s a mini series based on true events involving Dr. George Hodel and his association to the Black Dahlia murder. I really enjoyed it and hope it’s on Jim and A. Ron’s radar. 


  • I missed the original showing but ended up recording the repeat.  I hope it's on their radar as well and hopefully can get some kind of mention with their Bald Move TV podcast.  It looks like it should be pretty damn good.  
  • I'm hooked.  I hope the guys do at least a summary pod of the series.
  • giardinellogiardinello Long Island, NY
    The trailer looked pretty good actually, but then I saw “TNT” at the end and my premium cable/streaming snobbishness kicked in. However, if a fellow Bald Mover is excited about it, that’s enough for me to give it a try. 
  • TimKTimK Grand Rapids, MI
    They gave it a look in the Bald Move TV Preview last week. Said it looked interesting but I think they decided to wait and hear some reviews. I watched the first episode and thought it was good. I'll keep watching.
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