Third and final season of Legion

I guess Noah Hawley announced the third and final season will air in June. 

Also announced that the actor who played Viserys Targaryen on GoT will play David Hallers dad and the actress who played Joanna Wellick on Mr Robot will play his mom. 


  • I’m bummed to see it go, but I like the opportunity for it to go out on a high note as opposed to hanging on too long. I could definitely see Legion as a show that could get really bad if they tried to stretch it too far. I’m excited to see how it ends. Bummer, but I support the call.

    The casting news doesn’t move me much, but I’m curious to see how they do in new roles.
  • Yeah the casting news doesn’t overly excite me, just figured it was of note since they were from the bald move tv universe. 
  • Totally. I almost wrote, but in the interest of brevity skipped that it is intriguing information. Doesn’t do much for me, but I did scratch my chin at it momentarily. It’s relevant for sure.
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