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I'd be surprised if this gets a ton of responses, but I'm re-watching Mad Men and it got me thinking. Paul Kinsey joined the Hare Krishnas, and (unrelatedly?) wrote a Star Trek episode (that will never get made) - "The Negron Complex". However, Harry Crane gives him $500 and a ticket to L.A. on the condition that he leaves everything behind (including his cheating Hare Krishna girlfriend) to move out to California to become a T.V. writer. 

So, what happens to Paul? Give me your best Mad Men Fan Fiction. 


  • MichelleMichelle California
    Paul moves to LA, sleeping on Harry's couch until he gets his own place.  It's much like an 'Odd Couple' situation, with Paul being a neat freak and Harry's apartment looking like a frat house, despite Paul's best efforts - White Castle wrappers & greasy sacks, dirty clothes, wet towels on the bathroom floor, facial hair remnants left in the bathroom sink - you get the idea.  Paul is so driven to get the hell out of that place that he writes a masterpiece episode of television - but it's not Star Trek.  He writes what will become the pilot episode of The Odd Couple.

    (Loving this thread, btw!)
  • @Michelle I knew I could count on you.

    Here are the three possibilities that came to mind when I rewatched the episode where he leaves for California... presented in descending order of (describe it as you will)...

    1. He actually is modestly successful as a TV writer. He never makes a fortune, but he makes enough to live comfortable-ish in Burbank. He tells his nephew, little Matty Weiner about his idea for a drama set around Madison Ave. in the 60’s, but dies before he can get it sold.

    2. He gets a few writing gigs, makes just a little money, but ultimately fails as a writer and opens up a health food store just off Hollywood blvd until he’s muscled out by a Whole Foods.

    3. He never sells any scripts, tries to get back into advertising but fails, and ends up as a member of the Heaven’s Gate cult which (let’s say) comes to an ceremonious end in 1997.
  • In the hopes of drumming up at least a little more traffic, at least a few more responses... share your post-show / post-story fan fiction in regard to any Mad Men character...

    Betty (maybe she has a miraculous recovery from cancer - I don't know!)
    ... one of the characters who influenced Dick Whitman as a kid. 
  • Paul, Harry and Don all go their separate ways to live fulfilling lives, Harry turns gay, Don marries happily and settles down and has more kids but Paul remains a single wanderer.

    One day 18 years later all 3 men receive a strange invitation from a beautiful young woman who is about to get married on an island in Greece, when they arrive she tells them that she has never met her father but that her mother was once a Hare Krishna in New York and was rumored to have relations with all three men.

    Eventually she and her fiancé decide they are too young to get married and her mother (Lakshmi) and Paul decide to get married instead and then dance the night away to a young and upcoming German the night comes to a close, Paul approaches the lead singer of the band and says...I have a great idea for a musical...

  • Peggy’s kid from season 1 is adopted by Francis and Esther... White. Soon after, the family moves to the sun belt (specifically, New Mexico) where the young boy displays an aptitude for the hard sciences (specifically, chemistry). However, after the start of an especially promising career, he gives it up and settles into becoming a high school chemistry teacher.
  • Bobby Draper grew up to become a Martian Marine. Am I doing this right?

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