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calebthrowercalebthrower South Carolina
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What do y'all think about this seemingly new trend with dramedies having run times of like 30 min or less with shows like Maniac, Homecoming, and Russian Doll? As a busy guy with a toddler this seems to hit the sweet spot. I definitely still think larger scale productions like GoT, True Detective, etc need the full hour to tell the story and I don't want those to go by the wayside but I love being able to watch some of these newer shows at a brisk pace without losing the dramatic elements. I hope more Netflix/Amazon/Hulu originals keep going with this style. 


  • podcartfanpodcartfan Cincinnati
    I'm loving it.  I prefer shorter seasons and episodes.  I have two under three and hour+ long shows are hard to commit too.  I feel the same way about movies.  I wish more movies were around an hour and half.  I want to watch Roma, but by the time I get the kids to bed and site down it's 9:30 and a 2 hour movie is just not appealing when I know I'll be up at 6:00.
  • I'm a big fan of it. I would add Barry and Atlanta to the list along with the shows you mentioned - even though they are technically "comedies" they have richly developed characters and production quality that rivals any hour long drama. Definitely would like to see more shows use the shorter format.
  • Yeah, I'm enjoying the option for good :30 shows. Because the timing you mentioned is key: I can do one :30 episode a night for four nights and be half a season through before I have an hour or more to grab one episode of something like Ozark.
  • Would The Ranch fit in this genre?
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    I love it. For many of the shows thatve been listed here it seems to for the show runner to be more economical with their storytelling and have less bloat. Ideally each episode of each show should be however long they need to tell the best story possible. But I’ve heard stories from Vince Gilligan about having to end an episode on whatever arbitrary time stamp AMC or Fox gave to him. That has to be beyond frustrating. 
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Vida on Starz is also a 30 minute drama and very well done. 
  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    have you guys heard of 'NewTV' and their approach? 10 minute episodes. they have some big players behind it, along with funding and major studios on board.

  • HunkuleseHunkulese Québec, Canada
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    I just started watching Homecoming and have found the episodes to be weirdly short. It's not really a problem since everything is available right away, but I probably wouldn't like it if I had to wait a week between episodes.
  • I hadn't really thought about it but I can see where it could tighten up the writing. 
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