Andrew Yang 2020 - AI, Automation, and UBI

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Thought some of the Bald Move crew and community would be interested, as the guys often discuss the rise of automation and it's impact on society...

Andrew Yang is a democratic presidential candidate who has based his entire platform on addressing the crippling effects of AI and automation on the U.S. economy by implementing Universal Basic Income of $1000 per month per adult. He also discusses campaign reform, single-payer health care system, a shift in higher education, and full legalization of Marijuana. Check out his long-form interview on the JRE podcast (posted yesterday):



  • I saw him interviewed on The Young Turks a few months ago, he's a really impressive guy.
  • I'll have to dig up The Young Turks episode you speak of. This guy doesn't seem like a career politician, even left me feeling inspired. Need to get a read on some of the other candidates before the first debate in June.
  • Sam Harris also has a great interview with him
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
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    Just got back from a conference with Roberto Lu of TE Connectivity as one of the speakers.  What’s going on right now is amazing and exciting.

  • DeeDee Adelaide
    $1000 a month isn’t enough to live on, though. I’m all for UBI but at a level where it could be a person’s only source of income and still allow them a basic decent standard of living.
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    @Dee - Agreed. $1000 a month calls for an $800 billion tax increase which would be shouldered by tech company's with a value-add tax (currently implemented in Europe). I think you have to start with a tax strategy that the appetite of today's voters could stomach. Over time, as job scarcity increases, future voters would be more keen to accept higher taxes.
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
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    Creative Destruction. 

    There are are a lot of destructive technologies out there.

    podcasts killed talk radio
    amazon killed sears
    Computer killed typewriter
    typewriter killed pen and paper
    netflix killed blockbuster
    spotify killed Sam goody 
    car killed horse and buggy
    Tractor killed donkey
    textile machinery killed manual textile manufacturing.
    bidets killed twigs and leaves.

    and yet, uh, life...finds a way.

    Should we shoulder Baldmove with a podcast tax to help those in previous entertainment mediums for being put out?

    There is a huge skills gap and labor shortage because of this skills gap. There are so many jobs but so many people who aren’t trained for them.  Industry is creating programs in highschool and donating robots so kids out of high school have 4 certs and are getting hired at 18 right out of highscool making more money than their parents. Companies are creating initiatives to get more girls into stem, more minorities into stem. there is now a scientist Barbie.  Instead of some Orwellian solution we should spend 100s of billions in education for the new generation and retraining of the old generation. Kids now need to be learning at a very young age bilingually and focusing on STEM.  Boomers said, just go out there and study what you want -be happy! I heard a harsh joke that hit home since I am a liberal arts guy - What’s the difference between a park bench and an art history minor?  A park bench can support a family. 
  • That’s not going to help the people who are going to be automated out of ajob, like all the truck drivers that Yang likes to talk about. 
  • Apparently dude raised some serious dough in the last month and might just be able to make it to the debates. I’d love to hear him talk on multiple topics and not just the societal welfare ones. 
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
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    Hatorian said:
    Apparently dude raised some serious dough in the last month and might just be able to make it to the debates. I’d love to hear him talk on multiple topics and not just the societal welfare ones. 
    "What are you planning to do about ISIS?"

    "Take the fight to them. Funnel the labor riots into the Middle Eastern hot spots using an elaborate chute system devised by our new robot overlords. Next question."

    "How do you feel about abortion?"

    "Send all unwanted babies to the bio-battery farms for use by our new robot overlords. Next question."
  • I really enjoyed the Freakanomics episode with Yang:

    He specifically addresses folks with the perspective @cdrive has shared. It's not good enough to point to the industrial revolution, or other historical innovations and say "life finds a way, it'll work out somehow." As he states (much better than I will paraphrase) in the Freakanomics episode, if you were an entrepreneur and someone walked into your office with an idea for a new business, based on insights they gleamed from 100+ year old markets, you'd laugh in their face. We need to plan for a new way to deal with these changes. Pointing to previous times when innovation has disrupted society is like using that 100+ year old market research to start up a new business today.

    I agree that training the next generation is absolutely the right approach, but that still leaves a massive amount of the existing workforce out in the cold. Yang points out in the Freakanomics episode how ineffective retraining programs have been to date. That needs to be fixed, or we need to find a way to support those that have been, or will be displaced by automation

    I am a software engineer that builds machine learning services. I won't be the one in need of this aid, or training programs. But it is a major concern of mine for our shared future. 

    If you haven't gleamed it already, I've supported Yang's campaign for several months now.

    And for the record, I love political discourse. I, in no way, intend to be rude, or pick a fight here. Hopefully what I've shared does neither of those.
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX

    To quote one of my favorite bands Jane's Addiction:

    Man ain’t meant to work
    C’mon build a machine!
    So we can sleep and make love deeper
    Later we can dance and we can drink!

    Man ain’t meant to work
    C’mon build a machine!
    So we can live for our own pleasure
    Please yourself! Please your queens!

  • Hard to argue with that. 
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