Starz series 1H'19

Starz made a great offer in December - $1 a month for six months. I have been using it to watch the series they offer. A few reviews:

(a note on spoilers - if you learn something in S1E1, it isn't a spoiler, it is supposed to be a hook). 

Covered elsewhere on the board
Counterpart - Apex predator in the Golden Age of TV drama. Second best series on TV (behind the Expanse). Highly recommended. 

Party Down - One of the best comedy series ever. Andrea Savage was cast in the Casey roll, but got pregnant before the show was picked up. She makes a cameo in Season 1, amazing series.  

Power - Season 1 was engaging, then it fell off a cliff. 

American Gods - couldn't get into it. 

Less known Series
SS-GB (English & German) - Alternate history where the US didn't join WW2. Murder investigation in German occupied Britain. Great series, 

Sweetbitter (English) - A young woman moves from Ohio to NYC with no job or plan; post-college coming-of-age. Best show to watch with your partner in a long time. Good series. 

La Zona (Spanish) - A Chernobyl type meltdown occurred in Spain, a serial killer is attacking people as they move back into the cleanup zones. Good Series, well worth the time. 

Rocco Schiavone (Italian) - A small town cop robs drug dealers. Good series

Monster (Norwegian) - It starts with a great premise - a body is found in a grave, as they look around the police discover a hundred years of murder victims. That is the end of the good writing; the crime is investigated by the two dumbest cops ever. Not worth your time. 

Girlfriend Experience - Basically adult film with a plot. Not recommended. 

Romper Stomper (English) - Political violence between far right and far left. I barely finished the pilot, not recommended. 

Next Up (but taking suggestions)
Rig 45
Save Me

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