U.S. and U.K. TV comparison

my regular co host Robert is from the US and I’m from the U.K. so we compared how TV works 



  • I'll give it a listen.  I realize that it's about 'how tv works' in each of the countries, but as a Canadian I'm curious to know which system we're closer to.  I suspect that we're on an island of our own because when I try to explain to Americans how our TV works I'm never quite convinced that get it.  I only have superficial knowledge of how things work in the UK, but my general impression is that you're closer to the American system than to ours.

    In terms of programming (which I think is beyond the topic of your podcast) it's great living in Canada because we get access to all of the American shows and also get way more access to UK programming.  I have friends in America who've never seen Coronation Street, Graham Norton, 8 Out of 10 Cats (& does Countdown) and don't know that Michael McIntyre is one of the biggest commedians in the world.

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