My Star Wars New Trilogy Rant



  • Getting away from the Skywalker/Chosen One trope would be helpful.  I'm very receptive to non-Force focused Star Wars movies.
  • Hatorian said:
    Before 7. Disney purchases Star Wars. Here is where we really get to the major problem. While Kevin Feig who runs the MCU runs a tight ship and builds a cohesive narrative the Stars Universe gets Kantleen Kennedy who does not. They decide that the sequel trilogy should not have a prepared theme/story. They decide to let each movie stand on its own and give the directors their own creative control. They do not put a single power in charge of mapping out a coherent story and then letting the directors add their flavour. So we get the sequels trilogy. An unorganised mess 

    7. Now here is where we start to get to the problems regarding the sequel trilogy. Doesn’t matter if Abrhams or Disney is at fault. But rehashing a new hope was a horrible idea and made no sense. Making the new order as powerful as the empire went against everything we saw at the end of 6. And no you cannot fill the gaps with books. It needs to be on screen. It’s just a lazy rehash. Now on top  of this lazy rehash. Abrams decides to Paint our favourite hero Luke in a corner by making a storyline that he has run away, but conviently leaves a map to be found...yea ok.... So before you start hating on Rian Johnson, realise Abrams wrote Luke into a corner and fucked Johnson on how to make it work..

    8. Now we are supposed to believe after the resistance destroys starkiller base they are on the run and losing the war? Huh? So the first order is soooo strong they can lose their giant weapon and still be winning the war. WTF? So then we finally get to Luke. Which I will defend Rian Johnson was put into a Writers corner by Abrams. He had to make Luke out to be this guy who made mistakes and was despondent. Yet why the map? Oh we never get that answer. Don’t worry though. It’s all Rians fault. So then we get this whole storyline of Luke has given in which completely contradicts his previous arc.

    and I’m not even mad about that. People change and people get pessimistic. But then the final act is Luke going to Leia and saying he can’t save Ben? And doesn’t even try? That’s just 100% against the characters core values and beliefs. Now the first order is basically the empire and the resistance is the alliance. Episode 9 sounds exciting! 

    ultimately It comes down to 3 things.

    1. Disney fucked up by not putting a person/team in charge of mapping out the story arc and letting directors fill the creative differences 
    2. JJ and the Writers of 7 totally fucked the entire sequel trilogy by rehashing a new hope and writing Luke into a corner 
    3. Rian while, put into a shitty position with Luke got a big fucking head and decided to flip the entire story and characters for whatever reason and ruined the legacy

    We had fucking see Luke, Leia, Han, and the other original characters on screen for one moment and they fucked it up. It’s the biggest middle finger to Star Wars fans. It can’t be undone. 
    I don’t envy JJ. I wish I could write the story for 9 but obviously I can’t. But it’s going to be a tall order to raise this shitty destroyed X-wing from the waters. 

    Totally agree that from 7 to 9, there should have been 1 mastermind to have all the pieces in the puzzle mapped out and then allow a director to add their spin or extra touch to flesh things out.

    7- Can't say I ever thought about the map thing before, but yeah, very solid point.  Who made the map?  Did Luke?  If so, then he wanted to be found but acted like he didn't?  If Luke didn't make it, then who did and how did they know where to find Luke?

    8- I'l disagree with regards to the strength of the First Order.  While I see your point, you'll also note that in episode 4, the rebels destroy the death star but in episode 5, the rebels are still very clearly losing the war.  So, I can give some creative license to the First Order being able to move on after losing their big new huge weapon.  The bigger problem with the First Order is how did they even rise to any power in the first place.  How did the new republic (after episode 6) allow something like this to happen so soon?  Was the First Order just sitting on the sidelines waiting for the Empire to collapse?  Are they remnants of the old Empire trying to regain power?  Don't think this is ever fleshed out (maybe in the books, which i can't say I've read).  Additionally, i felt like there is more of Snoke that we need to learn other than him just being a dude that had great force powers but then gets killed.

    Additionally, for 8, I don't have a problem with Luke being a recluse.  Every person has their breaking point and Luke reached his when he sensed that Ben was going to turn and betray him.  So, no issues with Luke deciding to check out on everyone.  

    Lastly, unless Luke was appearing in episode 7, then the gang was not going to get a reunion.  While surprised that Han got killed in episode 7, Harrison Ford was doing interviews (prior to 7 coming out) that he wished that Han had been killed in episode 6.  So, in hind sight, that was his way of wink wink, Han ain't surviving this one.  So, I don't think a reunion was going to happen unless Han comes back as a force ghost as well.

    I'm still highly anticipating episode 9 though.  Looking forward to seeing the conclusion of this story.  At this point, I've invested too much time (but also note, i can be like this for things like tv shows where i'm no longer enjoying the series but will grind it out to see how the end it). 

  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    I had high hopes for the new series. I enjoyed TFA and Rogue but Last Jedi was such a disappointment and Solo couldn’t hold my interest. When I was kid I saw the first movie the day it was in limited release and a dozen times that year. I was the perfect age of nine when it came out. Now I guess I don’t think Stats Wars isn’t for me anymore. 
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