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  • Loved the reference in the podcast to the Dukes of Hazzard in connection with Brienne. Thanks A-Ron. I also wonder why they have been going to the trouble of re-establishing what greyscale is in the show. Hmmm. Also loved that the letter from Bear Island was included. Now if only we could get some Frey pie in there too, even if we never see Lady Stoneheart.
  • Last question( I swear): am I wrong, or did we learn that Shireen is CURED of her greyscale, (though it has left her scarred).... If this is what they said then that is a new development also, no? As I think there was no known cure mentioned in the books to date...
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    I was curious about that too. Is there a cure in the show universe? Or is it just not fatal in children like in the books and Shireen just stated it incorrectly? That was a pretty expositiony scene so I don't know that they'd want to give false cure info when the point is to catch the audience up to speed on what greyscale is. So I guess I'm going with it being curable in the show
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    It's my understanding that Greyscale in the books is kind of like cowpox/smallpox.  Or, maype more appropriately, chicken pox/shingles, with a lot of the actual symptoms and disease vectors of leprosy.  There are essentially two strains, or the same strain that affects you differently depending on your age when you get it.  You can get greyscale as a child, and while the mortality rate is fairly high, it sometimes stabilizes and that's that.  If you survive the experience, you are immune to the other more lethal forms of greyscale.  

    The other form, or getting it later in life, is a slow, agonizing death sentence.  And it seems to be very contagious. 
  • Right, but are the greyscale rules the same in the show as they are in the books. I would assume they would streamline it for the show since there are so many nuances to the disease in the books.
  • Fifty Shades of Greyscale.
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    Steph_B, ya know, I'm not sure. Maybe you're right, with the implication that Shireen was a combination of lucky and provided with excellent care by the Maesters?
  • I just hope all the greyscale talk means we will get the bridge of sorrows. I also think that along with winter coming we may see a greyscale epidemic sweep Westeros. The whole greyscale deal seemed to be pretty prominent in ADWD.
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    Greyscale in as it's introduced in Dance seems to start a countdown ticking in the plot. I think it would do the similar thing in the show if it's either Varys or Tyrion who catches it. I could see a quick shot of a fingernail turning in this year's season finale. Would be great to see the Bridge of Sorrows, but it I could see it happening on the streets of Volantis as well (could be in a fight or simply in a beggar's touch).
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    So I'm kind of new to the whole podcast and forum thing, so pardon me if I'm in the wrong place or doing something incorrectly.
    I am in the process of this spoilore episode, awaiting the podcast over episode 3 and I hit this thought and wanted to post a speculation. What about Brienne being the "mysterious hooded character who murders people randomly" (obviously not an exact quote from anywhere). I feel like we ended the books with that character probably being some of the various spearwives maybe? But damn there's so much information in those books that I forget what we know and what's just speculation. Anyway, I agree that she couldn't be any sort of entertainment type, but maybe she could be secretly killing people to help avenge Lady Cat?
    I also agree that Theon saving Sansa would be much more meaningful, especially to show watchers who never even really met Jeyne Poole (I mean book readers barely did). I think that would be good for his character and give him that much more redemption. Does he deserve redemption? I don't know...but does anyone deserve Ramsay (except maybe Joff but we're past that)?
    Oh, also I always pronounce Jaqen like the French would say Jacque+n? Like a soft J...ZH-ock-en...anyway might help some of your issues if you want. At least in my head it sounds better...since we don't have nice British accents to make everything sound better, haha.
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    Brienne the Ghost of Winterfell?  My take was that Theon was the Ghost, he just didn't know it because he was having a series of <rickgrimes>PSYCHOTIC BREAKS</rickgrimes>.
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    I guess I always harbored hope that it was actually Benjen Stark, lol. Less likely for sure, but satisfying. Always having a Stark in Winterfell and all that. I never got that it was Theon and always assumed it was the various spear wives, although they wouldn't be familiar as familiar with Winterfell I imagine. Hmm, I must go back and read Theon's chapters again with this in mind...thanks for the excuse :)
  • I love Theon as the Ghost of Winterfell.
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