Anybody else watch this? It's a Hulu show about being in 7th grade in the year 2000 where 30 year old actors play themselves and the rest of the characters are played by age appropriate actors. It sounds stupid but it works, it actually feels like it's more realistic in a way because they can do things that you wouldn't want an actual 12 year old to act out. They also got the nostalgia perfectly. This is the same time I went to middle school and they nailed absolutely everything from AIM to the dragonfly tank tops to the baggy pants and the sun glasses of kids who watched the Matrix over the summer. The amount of times we were like oh shit I had one of those was off the charts and it prompted a lot of really fun conversations with the s/o. If you're around the age of 30 or just want to watch a mostly heartwarming show about being a kid you should check it out.
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  • I started watching recently and i love it. I’m roughly the same age and had a lot of those “Oh shit!” memories as well
  • I haven't seen it yet, but have heard that it's great.
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    My wife & I are watching it slowly-think we've gotten through 4 episodes now. I really dig it--it's uproariously funny at times and heartbreaking at others. I'm surprised at how emotionally effective the actresses are, playing against real kid actors. I was in my twenties during this time so I don't get the nostalgia for the early 00s but still strong recommend.
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    I watched it and loved it.  I was about this age at that time and it's like a bit of a time capsule for me.  I also thought the situations in the episodes were so realistic and I found myself laughing out loud and feeling down right along with the characters.

    I really hope they get a second season!  
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