Opening title sequence

Any hopes for how the locations for the title sequence will change? Personally I want to see the wall crumling


  • All the ChickensAll the Chickens Birmingham, AL
    I expect that they will make it a point to show the relatively small piece of the Wall that was brought down at East Watch. Hopefully the POV pans directly over to East Watch ruins, so it will be noticeable.

    If they plan on showing the White Walkers and their army attacking the other major northern strongholds on their way to Winterfell, it would be nice for them to have a new graphic of the Last Hearth and/or Karhold.

    I have no idea why any specific characters would visit there, but one of the last major castles the show has yet to include is Storms End, so I would love the cap off the series by having them show that location. Ohhhh, or Greywater Watch. There are definitely reasons that characters could at least stop by that location on their way south, and that would be a cool location graphic for the title sequence. 

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