HBO targeting users who downloaded GOT leak episodes



  • there definitely is a rhyme and reason. there are 2 types of people who use the torrenting sites. Seeders and Leachers. 

    A leacher is someone who downloads content but does not share with anyone else. A seeder is someone who downloads the same file but then allows others to download it from his online computer. 

    For a leacher there is not much financial compensation a company can get if someone simply downloads a movie or TV show. If I downloaded the latest cool movie all the company lost was a movie ticket and possible a DVD purchase. At most they could say They lost $30 from me downloading.

    However, if I shared a copy and became a seeder then I could potentially have cost the company thousands of dollars. If I seeded the copy to 10,000 people then I potentially cost the company $200,000 or $20 dvd by 10,000 people. 

    Companies very much care about who they target and that is why almost everyone who has been targeted by a lawsuit is a seeder. 

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    In short, I cannot stress how much you should REALLY stay away from torrents.
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    @ksa1001 i know what your trying to say with "stay away from torrents" but there is plenty of torrenting going on that is free product.

    The example I always use is Black Mesa. These people re-did Half Life with the Source engine. Updated skins re-designed the levels, added in more rooms and made it free. It got so popular that Valve has endorsed it. It might actually be on STEAM now, not sure tho.

    The only way to get it is to download a torrent. They need people to seed as much as possible so its easy for people to download and experience this awesome updated game. Ive been seeding for 8 months to help new people get this more easily.

    The word torrent has a bad rep because most torrents are of illegal nature but again I agree that torrenting shows and movies should be frowned upon. Its never going away tho.... ever.
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    It is on Steam nowadays.

    And yes torrent are used for a lot of legitimate purposes. My favorite game developer Bohemia Interactive also uses them to distribute large data packages to modders.

    Sometimes the war on piracy has fucky consequences. For example:

    The Pirate Bay has an initiative to offer a platform for independent artists to distribute their work for free to gain an audience. I was a lead singer for a band for a long time and when we were recording our demo album we had our mind set on releasing it thru there and hopefully land more gigs and get exposure.

    Just before we were done the government decided to crack down on TPB and order ISPs to block it. They completely fucked us out of a 20,000 head audience for our demo, and all the possible advantages that would've had (including donations, youtube subscribers, reviews, gigs).
  • @arctor that sucks man. It really seems its a all or nothing mentality now a days. Its a shame to say the least.
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