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kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
starting a pet chat thread for the community to ask and give advice to share stories and just post pics or whatever on your little friends.

I myself have a dog and help care for two others. My dog is a terrier chihuahua mix. I help care for a maltese poodle and a standard poodle. I just got a juvenile bearded dragon. This guy is why I started this thread. I have been watching a lot of YouTube vids and talking to different shop owners. I get a lot of mixed messages on feeding and care. I’m also helping out with a ball python which I don’t know much about except it likes hopper rats.

So maybe we could get the ball rolling with some comments and whatever.

also I hate crickets! 


  • I'm a soon-to-be dog owner as we're moving from a place that doesn't allow pets, to one that does. I've had dogs before so I'm really looking forward to being back in the game :)

    I'm a supposed-to-be fish owner, too. My wife is Persian so we had a haft sin for Persian new year and with it comes goldfish. I really gave it the old college try to keep them alive because I want to actually dabble in some aquaponics. But alas... they did not make it. I moved them from a bowl to an aquarium... even did the water conditioning and used some of their old water but no dice. womp womp. Maybe next time.
  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    I was just thinking about making a pet pictures thread after how miserable politics and almost everything else is now

    My perfect angel Winston. He's not actually pissed off, that's just his face.
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  • ngwils02ngwils02 Louisville, KY
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    I, myself, have two Boston Terriers, as seen below (Gio on the left, Penny on the right):

    They are insane a good way lol :) Always entertaining us
  • @mylifeaskirk What kind of dog...big, little, specific breed? 
  • I've had many dogs.  I currently get harangued daily by a husky named Spirit. 

    Also in the house, a king snake and a leopard gecko.

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  • This is our cat Alan Albacore. He's a munchkin breed and he was born on my birthday!

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    Here's my new puppy Kelce, she's 13 weeks old. My first pug Kira passed away in july at the age of 15 years old and we thought it was time to get a new dog. 

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  • Alkaid13Alkaid13 Georgia
     Marmalade in his natural habitat  
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  • I currently have two cats, Frida and Dragon. 
    Dragon is older and he is a huge cat.

    Frida is younger and she is a very adventurous, but also sweet and cuddly cat. I let her be indoors-outdoors even though a lot of people I know think that is too dangerous. But she has so much energy and loves to play in the woods behind our house.

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    Also, I was on the volunteer board for a very small cat rescue a few years ago. I ended up leaving after a while just because of burnout, but it was a really rewarding volunteer gig.

    Now is my time to make a plug for volunteering for your local animal rescue! It's really fun and if you have kids, something you can do with your kids to give back to your community. Some people might say "why spend time helping animals when people out there need help?" That's a valid question, but I saw that volunteering for animal rescue actually did help people and families a lot when it came to adding quality to their lives, teaching their kids responsibilities, helping people have a friend and buddy to love, etc. Sometimes families are in hard times as well and they would give up their pet to us (we were a no kill rescue) to find it a better home. Also, it helps your community to get animals off the streets, cleaned up, spayed or neutered and into good homes. </plug over>
  • MichelleMichelle California
    I don't have any pets - do the shop dogs at work count though?  I'm with them 40 hrs. a week and they feel like the next best thing.  :) 

    1. Roman; 2. Nala; 3. Maggie; 4. Brando; 5. Lily
    There is also a 4 month old black lab named Lucy, but I don't have a picture of her.

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  • Just to add to what @CeciliaM said, I volunteer for an Aussie CUR (canine Underground Railroad). We transport dogs in "legs" of around an hour each, to get them from shelter to foster home, or from foster to forever home. Always weekends. You're only asked to transport the dog(s) and their paperwork from A to B, water them, maybe a cookie, and let them stretch their legs for a minute between cars. Warning, very easy to get attached!!

    This particular group is for Aussies (because I've had Aussies since the early 80s), but just about every breed has a rescue site listing volunteer opportunities. We also transport other breeds if their own group can't fill the legs. If you like dogs and a nice drive, this is for you!
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    Our dog got a much needed haircut yesterday. I love it when he goes from a fluffy teddy bear to a sharp Phoenix.

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  • What kind of dog...big, little, specific breed? 
    @Kate23 - I grew up with a black lab so any lab/retriever is a strong consideration. I love BIG dogs: Great Danes, Bernese Mountain Dogs, big ol’ wedge headed labs. Also love boxers as well.

    The wildcard is I’m determined to adopt/rescue so it’ll really come down to who needs me when I’m ready. I know I can seek out breed specific rescue places but we’ll see. I haven’t set my heart yet so i can keep myself open to anything serendipitous.
  • @mylifeaskirk I've never met an unhappy lab, good luck in your search! Easy to go down the online rescue site rabbit hole...that's how I got the girl in my pic. Seeing how she was brought a couple hundred miles to me got me interested in the CUR. 
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