Amer. Gods 204 - Greatest Story Ever Told

 It is becoming increasingly clear just how incestuous Hollywood is with the media or MEDIA...the bullshit we were told about this season being awful is looking more and more like a nesting doll analogy for the show itself and the young, immature version of Media that we have been given to replace season ones’ Media is an even better analogy for the media that told us this season would be a bust. 


  • We got a brief Swearengen and EB Farnum reunion. 
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    We got a brief Swearengen and EB Farnum reunion. 
    Did you see Wednesday pull that Farnum move when the lights went up on the diner...I love how they didn’t feel the need to add more dialogue at the end, the respect this show has for it’s viewership is palpable 
  • Whoa, Crispin Glover went Full Reptilian in this episode.

    I was scared when mysterious cat lady straddled Shadow. I thought he was about to get eaten by a giant vagina.

    I hope they stop telling us that New Media used to be Media. And why is Technical Boy getting sucked into the Poké Ball? The rivalry between New Media and Technical Boy was just starting.
  • Doctor_NickDoctor_Nick Terminus
    Yeah, I don't feel like this show has fallen off, I'm not sure what everyone was crying about.  
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