Karl Tanner, of Gin Alley...

CoryCory New Scotland
Was Karl Tanner high born and true born?  If not, why did he have a surname?


  • All the ChickensAll the Chickens Birmingham, AL
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    Because Karl was a FOOKIN' LEGEND. Seriously though, he probably just called himself that and got away with it, because who in Westeros cared what some nobody lowborn refers to himself as long as he isn't pretending to be a nobleman at Court or even using a noble-born bastards surname (Snow, Waters, Rivers, Sand, etc.)? He definitely wasn't a highborn and wasn't some highborn bastard.

    In the books, there is a highborn character who is raped 100 times behind a tannery in Kings Landing, and they named the baby Tyrion Tanner because of where the child was conceived. Technically, the name should be Tyrion Waters, but again, they seem to be fast and loose on really caring about the technicalities. Stannis might literally be the only person who would ever take exception to it and ensure it's corrected in the record keeping.
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    So he was probably a fan of Full House?

    Or was he Aunt Becky's son who didn't get to finish college?

    See what happens to you if you don't go to college, boys and girls?
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