• So is season 5 the final season...the only thing that scares me is that haven’t said yes or no to this but been very coy...what worries me is that seems to indicate they have no idea how to wrap this GRRM running AMC???
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    Yeaaa. I really don’t want this to end up split up in to 5A/5B over 2020/21. Wrap it up Villigang, wrap it up.
  • Just saw this news today, glad someone started a thread. I've heard all sorts of reasons for this delay but the most compelling seems to be that they cannot get "certain talent" within the time frame they would otherwise need to get the show out this year. My guess is they are trying to get Cranston and Paul back and scheduling is naturally going to be more difficult with the other projects they have going on. Frankly though I don't think the wait is justified, they took their sweet old time for last year's season which was decent but was not a demonstration of noticeably higher quality television. It's a tough one though because the last thing I would wan't them to do is rush it, but to put this off for an entire year seems bizarre. 
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