Anyone else sick of "rightful heir" talk?

This "who has the better claim" mantra is driving me nuts.. the kingdom was conquered.  The previous line of succession has ended and now any new would-be rulers are insurgents attempting a new conquest of their own - mostly based on strength of arms.  When Robert led his rebellion it wasn't the oldest Baratheon that sat the throne.. it was the best surviving leader.. Dany has earned her armies (and dragons) not based on her name but on deeds and money.. it is not a Targ rebellion based on the name (at least not anymore).  It is annoying that the show feels the need to force this in to a point of conflict and try to make drama where it does not naturally exist.


  • Yes, it seems there is kind of a grey area about this. There is a logical reason to believe Dany is the rightful heir (if you don't know about Jon's parentage), but with this generation it also seems that people are judged on merit as well, including rulers. And even though her kids had (on the surface at least) some claim to the throne, since their "father" was the previous king, Cersei is currently sitting on the Iron Throne but really has no hereditary claim to it, unless there is something I've missed.
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    Yeah, the show deliberately sets up these ambiguous situations. It's annoying after you notice the pattern.

    Another example is: is Jaime breaking his oath by killing the Mad King worse than letting him live?

    Is Walder Frey violating the guest right worse than Robb breaking the marriage pact?

    Etc., etc..
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    Bobby B was the eldest Baratheon brother. And the Baratheons did have a direct lineage with the Targaryens, giving Bobby B a claim to the throne after the Targs were wiped from the chess board 

    To your point-- Isn't  the conceit that these people care a LOT about successions and lineages the only thing that makes Sansa look less petty and small minded when bitching at Jon about all of these same things in the face of imminent doom?
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    To add to that, it's hard to poo-poo the "rightful heir" talk when Dany has talked/shouted to anyone who will listen for 7 seasons now about how she is the rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms.

    Maybe you thought it was dumb every time Dany has talked herself up about how the Seven Kingdoms are hers by right, but I dont think that the straw that breaks the camel's back should be when Jon is suddenly in that position. Especially when Jon is the most selfless and most reluctant leader in the series- literally the only power player who isnt talking about how great they are and talking about what they deserve.
  • Ya, Jon's not the *heir* to anything. His father and grandfather are already dead. He's the fucking king.

    Unless Stannis shows back up, in which case Jon's a dirty heathen pretender.
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