(DISCUSSION) What were Don and Betty's intentions in "The Forecast"

Ok, so last week I was the guy who made the Pete rape thread and it blew up. So, I'm making a discussion thread about what we think was going through Don and Betty's minds during those scenes from this weeks episode

As far as Don is concerned, I think he was being polite. He knew exactly what this girl was trying to do and like he said, he wasnt just going to embarrass her and call her out on it in front of her friends and Sally. Don also can't be mean to the girl. So he played the game for that one moment then got the hell out of the conversation and turned to Sally. I do believe that put in the right situation, in a bar, diner, creepy alley, etc Don would get down with this girl in a year. But was Don hitting on Sally's friend right in front of everyone? No way. He was just absorbing the attention like you guys said in the cast.

Now Betty. I was CREEPED the FUCK out this whole scene. The combination of the chest hair and shitting acting and Glen just laying it all on Betty had me wanting to look away from the screen. Of course you could tell that Betty was looking at Glen differently from the moment she saw him. But I don't think she had the intention of having sex with him. Not there. Not that situation. It's sort of a parallel to Don's situation. If she were still divorced and Glen wasnt Sally's friend? Yup i think Betty's all over that. Just like Don would be with Sally's friend. But yes, in the end Betty soaks in the attention. I think grabbing his hand and putting it on her face was a little much. She'd already turned him down and I was surprised that Glen didnt get the opposite idea that maybe she was starting to lead him on with that face touch at the end.

I just wanted to throw my thoughts in on this situation. I think this episode was the best of the half season thus far even with all the creepyness 


  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Don's is clear and exactly what you said.

    I'm undecided about Betty. I read an interesting comment somewhere the other day positing that Betty was just being kind to Glenn, that he had always brought out a maternal instinct in her she didn't have for her own children, that she knew he was scared about going to war but posturing about the 'rightness' of it, etc. I wish I could remember where I saw it because it was a well thought out consideration of the scene.

    A lot of people responded to the comment with vehement disagreement, saying essentially that Betty was a sleaze and just bathing in the attention of a young man.

    I can see both sides, I don't know where I stand. I don't know if it's meant to be ambiguous or if it's just January Jones' shitty acting that makes it confusing. But I like the first theory. Given that Betty has shown some niceness of late I want to believe.
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