Any Hope/Recommendations for Podcasts for the first several seasons?

I'm just starting Justified season 2 on Amazon.  I'm guessing there's little hope of you guys circling back on this like you did on Breaking Bad.  But that would be awesome!!  (I have been through the Bald Move TV podcast but am hoping for a full dedicated 'Cast).

Failing that, any suggestions/recommendations for non BaldMove podcasts on Justified?



  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
    Season 5 & 6 were covered in "Holler Back" I just discovered.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    edited April 2015
    David Chen did one same time we did for season 3, he might have done one for the season before as well.  Might be worth a look.  I seriously doubt we circle back to season 2 just from a time standpoint, keeping in mind that aside from The Americans, Justified has always been our lowest rated podcast in terms of downloads, feedback, etc.  Kind of a bummer, because it is criminally underrated.  
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