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* On the relationship between Evil Dead I and Evil Dead II: Evil Dead II starts off as a quick re-imagining/retcon/recap of Evil Dead I and transitions into a "next day" sequel. Evil Dead I has Ash, Linda and three other characters. Evil Dead II retconned this to just Ash and Linda.

The end of Evil Dead I, when the demon comes through the door and we smash to black as it rolls up on Ash connects to the scene near the beginning of Evil Dead II where Ash gets picked up and hurled through the woods. From that point on, it's a sequel.

Similarly, Army of Darkness starts with the "My name is Ash and I am a slave" narration which briefly recaps Evil Dead II

* On Bruce Campbell and The Way of the Ham, right around the time this film came out I was a student at UCLA doing various scut work (aka "internships") for filmmakers.

I never got to meet Bruce Campbell or Sam Raimi, but I did share the odd cigarette with Ted Raimi and a few of the other lesser bannermen of House Raimi and I can attest that commitment to hamminess, hammishness and overall hamhockery is pretty much a family trait and Bruce Campbell embodies it as's a lifestyle.

Side note: what kind of person lands on a planet with apes who speak English and doesn't assume that it's Earth? 

"Basket of boomsticks" is definitely going on my Amazon wishlist.



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    Wow, listening to the music in the trailer for the movie...not that I have enjoyed a lot of their lawsuits in the past but I really hope Metallica sued someone over that music. It is some of the most blatant ripoffs I've ever heard! Sad But True in the beginning and I am pretty sure that second track is just Holier Than Thou.

    I liked the podcast though. I haven't seen that movie in a really long time and it was nice to revisit it. I am holding off on the live watch for when I can actually sit down and watch it again.
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    In talking about this phase of Bruce Campbell's career, his role in Burn Notice is probably the biggest thing he's done in the last 15 years. Not really a critically acclaimed show but I know it had pretty high viewership for a cable show and went for 7 seasons, over 100 episodes, I'm sure he made out pretty well from that. I've only seen a couple episodes, but for what it is - breezy low stakes procedural - you could do s lot worse. good fit for Bruce's skillset. 

    It was weirdly prominent enough to get an a SNL skit about how no one knows what it is:

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    MrX said:
    In talking about this phase of Bruce Campbell's career, his role in Burn Notice is probably the biggest thing he's done in the last 15 years. 
    He did play Ronald Reagan on Fargo. Not a lot of screen time, but not bad for career-defining non-Ash roles :)

    After seeing that, I had an idea for a one-man show depicting Ronald Reagan's point of view during the Joshua incident in WarGames. People keep calling him saying the Russians are launching a thousand nukes and Russia keeps telling him his people are high AF. Ronnie doesn't know whether to trust...or verify.
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