Tower Ghost for Destiny

Man, if you're playing this game, you NEED this app.  It runs in any Chrome browser, on Windows Phone, Android phone, and it's coming soon to iOS.  It essentially is the Bungie assistant app on steroids.  You can transfer gear to and from your characters, bypassing the vault, it handles equipping/unequipping, you can define loadouts for armor and weapons and have them all auto-transfer with a single button click.  It allows you to sort through your gear by type, damage, tier, etc.  It's just awesome and has saved so much time and effort versus anything else I've tried.  This is the thread on Reddit with the author that has the latest....
It's just crazy good and I've been evangelizing to all my fireteams this whole week.  If you play Destiny, you NEED this app!


  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Oh, looks like you iOS guys can get in on the beta right now. Info at the reddit link.
  • TonyTony Harrisburg,Pa.
    Wow, it looks like he is really having issues getting it approved for ios. I'm anxiously awaiting this.
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