I think Treasure Planet would be an amazing Disney live-action remake

Hello everyone,

I just think about it a lot and want some validation/discussion about other potentially cool remakes Disney could do while they're on their live-action kick.

Not to say the original animation wasn't really excellent as well. But here are my reasons:

  1. The visuals would be completely next-level with current CGI tech. The original animation was gorgeous. Seeing space pirate ships, stunning landscapes and space horizons, and the same kind of choreography remade as live-action would give it that technicolor nearly sensory-overloading Avatar/GOTG quality imo, it wouldn't be made with muted earth-tones like what Lion King has turned out to be and would generally be a very beautiful film if nothing else.

  2. The characters physical appearances don't tend to diverge from humanoid/anthropomorphic characteristics, so not a whole lot of rendering would need to be done on the cast to make them look like the originals; it would allow for a lot of creativity with makeup looks and prosthetics, thus the film would adhere closer to the general definition of 'live-action'

  3. It was a really underrated film but an entertaining one and beautifully made, it'd be a shame not to try and breathe new life in it (and encourage newer audiences to watch/re-watch the original)

  4. Writers could have some more freedom with adapting the plot and adding other elements to it without completely warping it. The characters are already pretty compelling too.

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