Conleth Hall's Comments on his Story line


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    Yeah, he basically seems to be let down, albeit understanding, about his character not really having much to do in the last few seasons, although he liked his ending. I get it. Once magic, dragons, and conquering was the main focus of who he was surrounded by, it's hard to squeeze in anything his character could do. He's more useful being inside of an established organization that has it's footing in one place, where he can scheme around all of the internal politics by weaponizing secrets and information. That's not really part of something he can do when you're just trying to defeat one army with your own army and dragons. Getting information against Cersei or their enemies was pretty meaningless. Varys's little birds in Kings Landing were his bread and butter, but he didn't have them there anymore and I doubt you could trust any information he got from someone in that city, considering he know about Qyburn having taken over his spies. I know I sure as hell wouldn't trust the information.

    Main takeaway from the article in case anyone wants a summary:

    Now that Thrones has finished filming and Hill has gotten time away from the show, he thinks Varys’ death “makes perfect sense,” insisting that the character’s decision to betray Daenerys was “all brilliant” and “all noble.”

    But the actor wasn’t entirely satisfied with Varys’ arc in Seasons 7 and 8, which is when the show departed from George R. R. Martin’s novels — and Varys appeared less frequently as a result.

    “That’s been my feeling the last couple seasons, that my character became more peripheral, that they concentrated on others more,” he said. “That’s fine. It’s the nature of a multi-character show. It was kind of frustrating. As a whole, it’s been overwhelmingly positive and brilliant, but I suppose the last couple seasons weren’t my favorite.”

    “I’m not dissatisfied on the whole… It sounds like I am. But it’s been brilliant.”

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