Anyone else still pulling for Dany?

I know they were trying to make us care for the small folk, but I just don't. This is FICTION and sometimes I just want to take a break and revel in badness. I still rooted for Walter White after all his terrible deeds and never felt guilty about it. 

In real life I'm a fairly bleeding heart, but I think it would be dark subversive fun to not to have the "good guys" win. 


I feel like I'm probably in the minority on this one! lol 


  • I think there is a plausible ending still with Dany on the iron throne. She is kind of unbeatable. I’m not really rooting for her but I would accept the logic of that outcome. 
  • Not rooting for it, but I can see an ending where Jon is a vassal to Dany. 
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    I'm rooting for Emilia Clarke to run onto the screen in one of those behind the episode scenes and light the double D's on fire. 
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  • No. But I wasn't really rooting for her before she burned a city full of innocent people.
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  • I don’t care either way, but I do want to see a competent Dany. I don’t want her to get off her dragon and shrug and say what’s the big deal, lighten up. I’d expect Tyrion to be captured and executed right after battle. Also Jon better be on tight leash. 
  • Dany basically did the same thing thanos did. Turned everyone into dust. Dany did nothing wrong 
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  • No. Something about burning families and whatnot...
  • Dany basically did the same thing thanos did. Turned everyone into dust. Dany did nothing wrong 
    Thanos' motives were pure, his methods painless.  Don't dare compare Thanos to this!
  • D&D pretty much manipulated episode 5 to the extreme wherein it is almost impossible to excuse Dany's actions. Imho they took things way too far, episode 3 is really the true ending to GoT.
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    At this point, it's all about spinning the story.

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