omg is this possible?

Is Jon going to poison Danny and Himself from the rings that Varys left to Tyrian?  Aria might be dead, and pulling a kind of 6th sense  scene.  Only way to break the Wheel is to kill the blood line, and Jon doesn't not want it, so the only way for him to turn it down is death.  And since he is so ashamed of what he allowed happen to Kings Landing, + the realization that Aria died from Danny, is enough motivation to take him and Danny down.  And leave the world to restart itself, where the kingdoms all govern them selves.  Gendry is in Stormsend, Yara in Iron isle, Sansa in the North, new prince of Dorne,  Whats his face in River Run.  The Frey's are gone, so they restart too.  Sam Well Tarly warden of the west.  Its not that far fetched   
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